Castle Production (CP) is a production house that covers 2d & 3d animation, VFX and music production.  Its Vision is to be one of the leading production houses in the Caribbean, with a speciality in visual effects, animation and music production. 


Through strategic partnerships with key industry players and by providing superior production and excellent customer service, CP is making waves and strides unprecedented in the Caribbean. 

CP first started operations in 2012 as a music production studio.  Since inception, CP has worked with a number of artists on several music productions and has released several songs internationally, some of which have gained billboard recognition.  In 2015 CP extended its distribution to over 700 online stores in over 100 countries.  This was a significant accomplishment for the company and music fans alike, who now have access to the music from wherever, whenever.



The digital animation arm of CP came on stream in 2014, enabling the company to do its own in-house video productions, 2D & 3D animations as well as computer graphics. These services were extended to the public in October of 2015 and since then CP has worked on several local projects from corporate Jamaica, the local music industry and private individuals.  In 2017 VFX service was added to the list of services CP offers.  CP is now working on its first animated feature film along with other projects.

A key strategic priority of CP is the unearthing of hidden talent in the many communities across Jamaica.  This will be done through the social intervention arm of CP that seeks to offer industry standard animation training to inner city youths who are interested and possess the aptitude to succeed in animation.    Inner-city communities across Jamaica is home to incredible talent in the performing and creative arts.  CP intends to engage and unearth this talent, directing it to creative employment opportunities while creating a robust animation pipeline.
















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