Aquilla Britonnia Townsend born 24.05.1984
in Spanish town St. Catherine, daughter of Rosalee Annie Hickling and Vernal Thompson.

  Aqulia lived with her mother at Knollis Bog walk and Willamsfield district in Riversdale St. Catherine until the age of eleven, she then went to live with her grandmother MS Mavis Lewis in Waterloo district Spanish town where she spent the rest of her childhood, while there she would often attend church on Sunday with her grandmother.

   Aquilla left home at the Age of 18yrs old to seek out her Father. She began living with him, but life was not all grand living with her father and her stepmother. So she left and began living on her own while she worked in her stepfather’s bar. She then went and studied fashion designing and housekeeping after which she went back to live with her grandmother and started working in the tourism industry at Sandals Grand Ochi Rios. While at work she would listen to country music and sing to pass the night hours.

  In 2012 she was introduced to Leo Francis co-founder of castle productions through a mutual friend. After listening to some of the songs she wrote Mr. Francis made the decision to be her producer and to help develop her musical talent, but it was not until the latter part of 2015 that they began working together seriously. Aquila did her first professional recording entitled liar liar in July of 2016 the track is produced by Leo Francis and is been released on the Castle productions record label hence the start of Aquila’s professional music career. 

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Tel – 487-2843


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