Richard Mitchell


Born on the 5th march 1988, first child of Andréa Campbell and third child of Joshua Mitchell. Richard Mitchell first lived in harbour view with his mother for the first three years of his life. Then they moved to Vineyard town where Richard attended Rollington Town Primary School for six years then moved to Spanish town where he lived for two years and attended the Vauxhall High School. Then Richard moved again to Molynes Road while he was in 8th grade.

    It was not until he was in 9th grade that Richard started to develop a passion for rap music and was hooked on the program 106 and park free style Fridays, so he and some of his friends started having a similar competition at school and also in his community. It was not long for his talent to be recognized by his peers and person in and around his community hence he was given the name casino because of the rich lyrical content of his songs. After graduating high school Richard a.k.a casino then started going to recording studios and did recordings for several producers and production houses such as zink fence productions and Kingston Connections to name a few.

   But it was not until the year 2012 when he was introduced to Leo Francis by his girlfriend Lorraine living in the UK who is a close friend of Mr. Francis the founder and co-owner of Castle Productions. Lorraine traveled to Jamaica and set up a meeting with Mr. Francis and brought Richard to meet with Mr. Francis, at the meeting Mr. Francis told Richard to perform two songs it so happened that Richard a.k.a casino ended up performing over fifteen songs that evening. Mr. Francis was so impressed with the level of intelligence that Richard constructed the lyrics in all his songs and commended him greatly. The following week Richard was made a-part of the Castle production roster and hence his professional music career started as it was been managed by Mr. Francis and the Castle Production team Richard then changed his stage name from casino to college. Through the management of the Castle Production team Richard A.k.a Collage was made a member of BMI and Jack Russell Publishing. Richard a.k.a collage has since then recorded several singles that are released on the Castle Production label such as sipping, bad place and fall in love to name a few collage is now working on his first studio album and the entire Castle Production team is very grateful and happy to have such a talented writer / performer in the camp and they all look forward to a very bright and promising future with collage.



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