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Nigel Rose a.k.a Hecktic

Born on the 24th of April 1986 in Spaulding Clarendon to Winston and Enesa Rose. Nigel spent his early childhood years in Spaulding and at the age of seven his father died and he moved to Westmoreland with his mother where he attended the Grange Hill primary school. Nigel admits that the best memory he has of his father was him singing and playing his guitar. Nigel loved to listen to his father play his guitar and sing this impacted him very much. But it was not until he left primary school at age twelve and started attending the Grange Hill high school that he began to realize his talent as a song writer and a performer hence the thirst for music grew in him which led to him writing his first song in grade seven at the back of his book while in class. During the lunch break he did his first ever performance and performed the song he wrote in class for his friends and to his surprise they loved it very much. Nigel admits that it was at that very moment at the age of twelve it became clear to him what his goal and purpose was.

      Nigel kept writing songs and began performing at his school concerts, community events, parties, street dances and even on his way home from school in the evenings he would stop at the side of the road with his friends and perform his songs for them and for onlookers who would gather to hear him he was soon know as red Indian throughout his community and his school. This gave him great confidence and encouraged him greatly to continue chasing after his heart’s desire as his performances was always enjoyed and received with great enthusiasms by those present.

      After leaving high school Nigel Rose a.k.a Red Indian left Westmoreland and returned to Spaulding Clarendon his home town, he continued to do performances for events across the island and recorded songs for several producers and did dubs for several sound systems. It was at this point that he changed his stage name to HECKTIC. He then left Spaulding and went to live in Kingston where he met a producer by the name of Joe Monicks, hecktic recorded many songs for him. After a year living in Kingston, hecktic moved back to his home town once again where he reunited with Courtney who was living in Canada but came to visit. Courtney who was the brother of one of Nigel’s a.k.a (hecktic) cousin heard his songs and took him to meet Leo Francis who lives in Kingston who is the founder and co/owner of a record label called Castle Productions. That evening hecktic performed over thirty songs for Mr. Francis who was so amazed at the lyrical content of his songs so right there hecktic was made a part of the castle Productions family. It was there that hecktic was exposed to the bigger picture of the music world in 2011 he became a member of BMI and Jack Russell Publishing he has recorded several songs for the Castle Productions label some of which are redbull energy, songs nuff, good health and alphabet to name a few and is now working on his first studio album. Nigel Rose a.k.a hecktic music career is been managed by Leo Francis who is very delighted to have him (hecktic) signed to his label. Mr. Francis is very confident and believes that hecktic has the mark of a true legend and will lead a very successful music career as he is hard working, talented, and very discipline.   


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