Name: Omar Thorpe A.K.A iadan

DOB: September 3 1985

POB: Victory Jubilee Hospital Kingston ST. Andrew

School Attended: Cedar Valley Primary and Ewarton High.

Slang: Hey watch yah so nuh.

   As a young child growing up in the community of Cedar Valley District which is located in Linstead ST Catherine, was not a bed of rose. I grew up with my grandmother and while going to school I had to face many challenges. But I was determine to keep focus and make my grandmother proud and not get involved in bad things. Or to have any run INS with the law.

   For me at an early age singing was a part of my daily life because I always felt better whenever I sang. After graduating from primary school things became more intense as I made the switch to high school. But I made up my mind to stay on the straight and narrow despite tremendous peer pressure. During high school I met some very interesting persons who encouraged me to pursuer music after they heard some of the songs I wrote. I performed my songs for friends, teachers and just about anyone who will listen, I also did a lot of performances at my school and community functions.

 After graduating high school at age 16 I began putting all of my energy into music. I did my first recording for Double O.G Entertainment and then a few songs for shocking vibes productions but they were never released or so it seemed. But I didn’t let that stop my progress I continued putting my all in pushing my music career but then things took a turn for the worst when my father passed away and two years later so did my mother. I was at the lowest point I had ever been in my life, the passing of my parents really affect me. I struggled with their passing for a very long time. Although I had other relatives I felt alone and cold inside. But I found that the loneliness and anger that was in me opened another chapter in my music I started entering lyrical battles and to date I have not lost one, as i used the passing of my parents as the driving force behind my music.

 Not long after I was introduced to Leo Francis the founder of Castle Productions by my younger brother after hearing some of my music he then singed me to his label. To date I have done several recordings which has been released on the Castle Production label some of which are

Good Vibes, Never Say No, Ready to Party, Unfair and chop Street to name a few.

 I am currently working on my first studio album which promises to carry a message for everyone. I am well confident and committed to my music career and is determine to see my goals and dreams become a reality and take my message to the world because there is a lot to be said.


Contact / Booking info

Management: 1876-487-2843



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