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Castle Productions announces its mega distribution platform ceo and co-founder Leo Francis had this to say "This is a great accomplishment for us that i am very proud of, to have our music productions been made avaiable in over 700 online stores in over 100 cointries depending on the gene. it is a good feeling to know that wherevery in the world someone might be and need to purchest any of our music it is avaiable to them."



Jermaine Blake releases new single 'Why Don’t You Leave’


The singer and songwriter from Jamaica known as Jermaine Blake has released his latest single, 
“Why Don’t You Leave”



The singer and songwriter from Jamaica known as Jermaine Blake has released his latest single, 
“Why Don’t You Leave” The track is the most significant official single from Jermaine to date. It has been released on the Castle Productions record label. Positively and proudly internationalist in its theme that is set to resonate with audiences across the globe, energetic and powerful in its rhythm and groove, “Why Don’t You Leave” showcases Jermaine Blake as one of the world’s  most talented, creative and hardworking reggae singers/songwriter. Jermaine’s singing career started at age six (6) like many other musician in church. Since then, Jermaine has grown to an outstanding performer, captivating any audience in which he comes in contact.


  Jermaine spends an enormous amount of time doing performances and penning songs with cutting edge, thoughtful lyrics. “Why Don’t You Leave,” in particular, is a song with much of Jermaine's heart in its themes and overall meaning.

For this single, when asked what was the underline factor for penning such a song Jermaine had this to say, “the truth really is that I am extremely passionate about the well-being of women and how they are treated, I honestly believe that women must be respected and held in the highest regard, and that they themselves must demand that respect and place themselves in a position to receive that love and respect that they so truly deserve.  The construction of this song was very easy for me yet very hard at the same time. Easy in the sense that I did not have to search for the lyrics for this song, all I did was to write what was been displayed. And hard in the sense that it is the reality of someone who you love dearly who means the world to you, that special someone who you would not want to see any harm or sadness come to, so one can feel the pain that is been transferred in this song.”
  Jermaine also states “my greatest joy is been able to touch people’s lives with my music in a positive way in that. When they hear my music they will learn something new or have them view a particular circumstance from a different perspective, it will also cause them to be encouraged, happy, and thankful or do some soul searching and make changes to live their lives to their fullest potential. And in my opinion I think this single “Why Don’t You Leave” will do just that.

 The song will be avaiable in over 700 online stores in over 100 countries and also will be made avaiable 

on the Castle Productions official website

Leo Francis
Lead Press Release Writer
Release Date: 04/07/2016 
Pre Order Date: 03/24/2016 

Voltage scores big with 'Harden'

You may have heard deejay Voltage's excellent hit song, 'Harden', which has been a big favourite of street mixtapes this year already.

But dancehall fans are just beginning to put a face to the song because the deejay, whose real name is Devario Anthony Jones, just released a video for the popular song last week.

"The video was a great move, and I believe that this will only enhance the popularity of the single and allow people to put a face to the song. The feedback has been good so far, and I am aggressively seeking interviews to get my music out there," Voltage said.

Born in 1984, in Kingston, Voltage grew up in the gullybank side of Queensborough, St Andrew, with his mom and sister. He attended Jose Marti High School, then he started writing music at the age of 11 and recorded his first single, Bad Name, when he was 22 years old.

Following the advice of his mother, music producer-artiste manager Blooming Rose, he began studying audio engineering at the Anchor Recording Studio, where he remained for four years. Afterwards, he landed a job with Beres Hammond's Harmony House, where he has travelled with the crooner as his engineer for seven years.

The multitalented Jones did most of the recording on Beres Hammond's Moment in Time andOne Love, One Life albums.

solo career

With the blessing of Beres Hammond, he began to once again pursue his solo career, and he recorded singles such as Give Thanks Mama on his own Arkitech Music Group; but it was the breakout song, Harden, which caught the public's imagination. Harden was produced under the label Bena Production.

"The song was first played by Calico from Sun City, then Big A from Irie FM has given me a huge push, and also Digital Chris from Irie FM. Much respect to Fire Wayne from Sun City as well, because he gave me a good strength on this song," he said.

The song has gained a lot of fans because of Voltage's low-key, fatalisticdelivery, which sums up the quiet desperation of the Jamaican society. Voltage intones: "thoughts and hearts are harden/caan beg no chance because yu nah go get no pardon/sometimes mi feel like mi lock up inna prison/because the system ah beat me like the warden".

He performed the song and earned rave reviews at a recent Western Consciousness event. "The Harden song has a definite energy in the streets. I just gave the song to two mixtape selectors and it spread like wildfire. Boom Boom give a strength, and Dwayne Pow also gave me a strength in the dance, so the ting a pick up," he said.

In the meantime, Voltage's Half and Half mixtape is doing well in the streets. He plans to make it available online for download soon.

He has continued to work on the engineering side of the business as well, working with other established acts such as Horace Andy, Luciano, Beenie Man, Sizzla Kalonji, Capleton, Lutan Fyah, and several other young, up-and-coming acts. He has also rented studio space in Cross Roads for his Arkitech Music Group label, where he spends countless hours working on his craft.

" I have a lot of belief in my work, and very soon the world will come to admire, appreciate, and later remember."

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