Wicked Can't Stop Mi - Rassi Ras
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Paul Johnson A.K.A Rassi Ras born 13th September 1977 in Spanish town 
Grew up at Windsor road /lime tree grove (Spanish town). Attended Spanish Town comprehensive high school while in school Paul Johnson developed a tremendous love for music and began writing songs and performing at school concerts and stage shows in and around his community. He was greatly influenced by veteran artists like Cobra, little Chris and Shaba but his greatest influence was Bounty Killer. Paul Johnson graduated high school in 1995 and began working as a tailor while working at this job he continued to do performances and write songs and was soon known for his real life lyrics and energetic performances. It was then that his friend who goes by the name rock star had him do a dub called A JAH BLESS DA YUTE YA for babatunda who is a radio presenter after hearing his dub on the radio Rassi ras started hanging out at recording studios like anchor, Scorpio, main street and down sound. He began recording songs for several producers and did dubs and jingles for radio stations and sound systems both local and overseas. He then recorded a hit singles called (when yu poor) for cowboy records. It was in 2007 that Rassi rass met Leo Francis who began to manage his music career. Rassi Ras began doing recordings for Castle Productions and several other production houses and making various stage appearances and building his fan base. Rassi Ras looks forward to a successful music career. 
Paul Johnson A.K.A Rassi Ras. 
Contact / bookings info 
email--- leofrancis40@gmail.com 

call: ---1876-487-2843



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